Bath Time for the Cats

We had a great gig in Bath in mid-September. We were invited to do our talk about how we produced the audio book “The Beautifull Cassandra” as one of the Jane Austen Festival events and we were offered the small auditorium at the Theatre Royal in Bath as a venue. Oh, yes please. A couple of rehearsals to get back in the swing and we were on our way.

The Egg at the Theatre Royal is wonderful. It is primarily a childrens’ theatre with a very imaginative range of shows. Downstairs there is a cafe with lots of toys and while we were there it was packed with parents and children just popping in for a coffee and juice (and no doubt to pick up a schedule of events).

For us it was great to have a proper stage with a technician to play the CD tracks for us. So often on these occasions we have to rely on a borrowed CD player which we operate ourselves except at the crucial moment you forget where the Play button is.

We had a good audience in Bath, some of them in costume. It really added a zing to our talk to look out across the audience to see people in Regency frocks and bonnets.

The whole Jane Austen Festival had a wonderful range of events, a real tribute to those who put it all together.

There was something deeply satisfying about paying tribute to Jane in Bath. We had a great time and a very warm reception.