The Mail (and Male) Must Get Through

When I was a child I was fond of a series of books about a young cowboy called Pocomoto. The only title I could remember was “Pocomoto – Pony Express Rider“. This memory occasioned a change of plan today.

Having driven across Ohio, Indiana and Illinois we spent Monday night in southern Iowa. This morning we had planned to start heading north towards South Dakota but glancing at the map over breakfast we noticed there was a Pony Express Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri about 150 miles to the south. On the spur of the moment we changed our plans and came here. The museum was great – another argument in favour of serendipity and the influence of reading.

A quick Google search told me that the Pocomoto books are still available but I don’t plan to re-read them. The memory was enough. It gave us an unexpected treat so I’ll leave it at that.