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War Girls is an anthology of poetry and prose written by women in the 1st World War.

It is compiled and read by Ruth Sillers.

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War Girls is a commemoration and celebration of the remarkable, often deeply moving and largely unsung experiences of women in the First World War, told in their own words. Through poetry, journals and letters this audio book  documents the contribution made by women from all walks of society – from campaigning for peace to working on the home front and in the services. Some are the writings of established poets and novelists but many more are the records of ordinary women living in extraordinary times. They detail not only personal hardship and suffering, but also the joy and excitement of a new society emerging as the war brought women challenges, freedoms and possibilities previously unknown to them. A century on, their experiences are still as compelling, powerful and relevant as they were at the time.

 Ruth Sillers  has performed in many plays and musicals for theatres in London’s West End, notably the National Theatre Studio, the Young Vic Theatre and the Royal Opera House. Her television experience includes playing Mary Queen of Scots for BBC History. Her radio credits include many plays and readings for BBC Radio Drama such as ‘Medical Detectives’, ‘Easy Virtue’ and ‘The Professor’ and ‘Poetry Please’ for Radio 4. She has recorded numerous audio books for BBC Audiobooks and many other publishers. Recent recordings include classic short stories by Jane Austen, Katherine Mansfield and Virginia Woolf and Rosie Alison’s ‘The Very Thought of You’, nominated for the Orange Prize.

Other voices: Dee Palmer and Michael Bartlett

The piano is played by Bill Byrne, lawyer, teacher, civil servant, singer and some time keeper of chickens.  As a self-taught pianist, he plays entirely for his own pleasure and that of his large and long-suffering family.

War Girls

War Girls

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