The New Crimson Cats Website

For those who are taking notes, you may have noticed that the Crimson Cat’s website has changed.

Audiobooks have been around for so many years, that is hard to remember quite how long ago some of us have been doing this. I think I recorded my first in the early eighties.

In the intervening years, audiobooks have both declined, and then, in more recent times, seen a growth in popularity that is quite extraordinary. Most audiobooks are now downloaded rather than bought on CD, and most often via an App like iTunes and Audible.

These services make listening to audiobooks very easy and offer options like Whispersync (Amazon/Audible) where you can keep in sync with the ebook if one is available and if the text is the same.

The crimson cat’s audiobooks have been available on Audible for some time, and to reflect the change in the market, we are rebuilding this site to direct customers to audible.  However, some CDs are still available, and if you would like one or recieve a book in another form, please Contact Mike and Dee via the Contact page.