Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions set out the way in which you may use recordings obtained from Crimson Cats Audio Books, either in the form of an audio CD or as an MP3 download or in any other recorded form. They also control the use of any printed matter which comes from Crimson Cats Audio Books, either as printed material accompanying an audio CD or as material downloaded from the internet.

They also establish the relationship between Crimson Cats Audio Books and yourself (User). By accepting these Terms and Conditions you enter into an agreement between you as “User” and us as Crimson Cats Audio Books (The Red Cottage, The Street, Starston, Norfolk IP20 9NN).

A. Terms & Conditions of Use

1. This agreement covers your use of any audio CD or other recorded material purchased from Crimson Cats Audio Books in hard copy or as a download from the internet.

2. By completing the buying process for either physical product or an MP3 download, you agree that you have read, understood and accept these Terms and Conditions of Use.

3. As “User” you agree to comply with any additional terms which apply to third-party content, material or information and to respect all copyright restrictions.

4. Certain products or services may have additional restrictions governing their use. If that is so, then they will be clearly stated and will be in addition to, not instead of, all Terms and Conditions listed here.

5. All future products or services which may be provided by Crimson Cats Audio Books are deemed to be covered by these Terms and Conditions of Use.

6. Crimson Cats Audio Books reserves the right to modify, add or remove items from these Terms and Conditions of Use without warning or consultation. The effective date of any such changes will be from the date when they are first posted on the web site.

B. Intellectual Property

1. All recordings and all print material from Crimson Cats Audio Books are protected by copyright.

2. All content of the Crimson Cats web site, including words and music (in whatever form), text, images, graphics, user interfaces, videos, photographs, trademarks, logos, and artwork, is owned or licensed by Crimson Cats Audio Books and is protected by copyright, trademark laws, and various other intellectual property rights laws.

3. No part of the web site or any part of any recording obtained from Crimson Cats, whether in hard copy format or as a download from the Internet, may be copied, shared, uploaded to the internet, changed to another form, included in other material or re-sold other than in its original packing.

C. Download Licence

1. As long as the User complies with these Terms of Use, the User is granted a licence to download any content offered by Crimson Cats Audio Books either directly or via Audible, Amazon or I-Tunes. This does not give the User any ownership rights in the recording or any associated printed matter. The licence is non-transferable and is for the User’s personal use only.

2. The downloaded recording may be used as often as the User wishes on the computer to which the download has taken place or any portable device owned by the User. The downloaded recording may also be burned to a CD for personal use only. Any copies so made may not be distributed or sold to any third parties. No recording, or part thereof, may be edited, changed in form or uploaded to the internet. The content of any such recording may not be used in conjunction with other material to create a new recording or to add sound to a visual medium.

3. Only personal use of Crimson Cats Audio Books recordings is permitted.

4. The User agrees to indemnify Crimson Cats Audio Books for any liability arising from infringement of these conditions.

D. Prices and Payment

1. Crimson Cats Audio Books reserves the right to change its prices, its payment and billing schemes, including any additional or supplementary fees, without notice, other than making any such changes available on the web site. Any such changes will take effect immediately upon publication on the web site

E. Playback Systems

1. Audio CDs published by Crimson Cats are produced to the standard audio CD format. Downloads are delivered as MP3 files. Both products should be readily useable on most equipment, however Crimson Cats Audio Books is not responsible for any playback problems incurred unless the product itself is damaged. Without accepting any liability, Crimson Cats Audio Books will nevertheless endeavour to help solve any playback problems that might arise.

2. While every effort will be made to keep the web site up to date and functioning at all times, Crimson Cats Audio Books cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from difficulties in using the site or for any interruption to the internet service.

3. Crimson Cats Audio Books will not be liable to the User or to any third party for any restriction to access of the web site or for any material on the web site which the User might find offensive. While every effort will be made to maintain the site to the highest possible technical standards, Crimson Cats Audio Books accepts no liability for any problems encountered by the User while using our site.

F. Dispute Resolution

1. The User agrees that all matters relating to the use of or purchases made from the Site, including all disputes arising out of these Terms of Use, will be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. Any claim under these Terms of Use must be brought within one (1) year after the cause of action arises.

G. Privacy Policy

1. Crimson Cats Audio Books respects the privacy of all its Users, customers and clients. We will never disclose any of your personal information collected in connection with your use of our Site. We may send you emails about our service and new products but you have the right to have your name removed from this email list at any time.