About our audiobooks

Crimson Cats Audiobooks is a small but innovative audio publishing company based in the Waveney Valley in Norfolk. Crimson Cats specialises in professionally narrated audiobooks that are a little different, books which are out of print and also anthologies and original books of their own – books which you will probably not find in audio anywhere else.

The two partners in the business, Michael Bartlett and Dee Palmer, are both ex-BBC radio producers; Michael was a radio drama producer with Radio 4 and Dee was a producer and presenter with the World Service.

Recording in an earlier day
Michael Bartlett recording  with Gerald Durrell in 1985

The scripts for all the Crimson Cats Audio Books are abridged or adapted by professional writers and the narrators are all professional actors.

When Crimson Cats first began all the titles were produced on CD. However, these days most audiobooks are bought as downloads, often being played on a dedicated app, and all our titles are now produced in this form. They are available either from Audible or by contacting us and asking for a personal delivery. We do still have CD stocks of some of our titles which again can be bought by contacting us direct.

“Our audiobooks invite people to try something new,” says Michael Bartlett. “Our list includes books that people may not have come across before, though they may know the authors or the subject matter.”

A full list of titles is available here on this website.  All our books are available on Audible.

For further information see the details on our contact page.